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The Morning Pages will unleash your creativity and unlock your mind, allowing ideas to come out and expand. What is this strange tool, and why does it work so well? You might think it’s something extremely complex, but it’s not.

It might be one of the simplest, most effective tools you can use to not only unleash your creativity and help it flourish but also cruise through times when you feel blocked or uninspired.

We all have those moments, so I suggest you check out this tool that can help you as it has helped thousands before you.

The Creative Process

We don’t…

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Have you ever lied to yourself? If you answered no, you are probably lying right now. But don’t be upset. It’s normal behavior.

We all do it from time to time as a coping mechanism. The lies we tell ourselves make the world make sense when we seem to not fit into our environment.

However, over time, you must become aware of these lies and understand their effect on your attitude, behavior, and actions. Once you stop telling those lies, you can move on as an authentic individual.

How the Lies We Tell Ourselves Are Sabotaging us

One major problem we all have as humans is the need for…

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There are always things you wish you’d known ahead of time. For example, I wish I knew when the market was about to crash or when Steve Jobs had the idea to make the iPhone.

But that’s just wishful thinking. Often, when someone asks you what you wish you had known before, your mind naturally navigates toward something that would increase your material security.

How many times, though, do you stop and ponder about how your life would’ve been different if you had an insight about some issues you face today, or, at least, the consequences of those things?


Before we dive into Ikigai, let me ask you this: why do you wake up in the morning? What is the reason for you to be? If you’re like me, this question pops into your head now and again, but let’s be honest, not as often as it should.

That’s because we all tend to internalize our happiness and joy in life and condition it on external factors. But is there a way to attain satisfaction and fulfillment from within and in harmony with the outside world? That is what Ikigai teaches us.

What Is the Ikigai Concept?

To make sure we start on the…

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In recent times, we’ve come to equate saying no with being mean. Not directly, but mostly indirectly by equating saying yes with being friendly and, therefore, when you say no, you must not be nice. That attitude is not only misguided but quite damaging to your life, in general.

Being a people pleaser only works that many times. Yeah, you might get a pat on the back now and then, but in the long run, you’ll be a mess. That’s why learning how to say no and practicing saying no is something we all should strive to do more.

What’s So Bad About Saying No?


Benjamin Franklin Statue PA
Benjamin Franklin Statue PA
Young Ben Franklin Statue — Philadelphia | By Adam Jones, Ph.D.

Defining himself as “The youngest Son of the youngest Son for five Generations back,” Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout his life, Franklin would be known as a writer, printer, political philosopher, politician, Freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.

Perhaps, most of all, he would be known as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. In this article, I am exploring Franklin’s virtues, a set of personal values Ben Franklin defined for himself in an effort to become, or at least try to be, the best version of himself.

Benjamin Franklin’s Short Bio


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Have you ever wondered what fuels your motivations and drives your attitude and behavior? You’d like to think it’s all a conscious decision and the result of in-depth rationalization on your part. There’s truth to that, but there are many other levers inside of you that act subconsciously.

Among those, two fundamental concepts live at the root of everything. If you understand what these are, you can not only understand yourself and what is holding you back in life but even scratch the surface of understanding the world and its behavior, at least since the rise of consciousness.

So, what…

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Fascinated by the human potential, Iulian writes about self-growth, productivity, habits, and more, inspiring others to take the challenge of becoming better.

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